Our software platform for digitalize manufacturing and achieve a new efficiency.

For the transformation in Smart Factory

In the last decade neologisms like Industry 4.0, Interconnection, Digital Twin and Smart Factory have flooded the manufacturing world: they indicate an opportunity for all companies to improve their competitive position.

The information constitutes the flywheel for the factory digitalization, which is a gradual and continuous travel to improve the productivity, flexibility and quality of its processes.

Assets interconnection improves the knowledge though real-time metrics and allows quickly locate of the process deviation, waste and quality demote. Using an instrument that trustily exchange information between the production actors is the first step to make quick, efficient and flexible the cooperation between the shop floor and the management.

SMART MES 4.0 is our reply to the changes and it supports our customers in their digital transformation.

SMART MES 4.0 is interconnection between Enterprise and Shop Floor


Monitoring the work orders execution and give feedback to the ERP system.


Get in touch with the Shop Floor though assets, work orders, main KPIs status.


Measuring the product and process quality at strategic points with specific product thresholds.


Configure notifications about real-time metrics deviation


Check the asset faults real-time though a time-line chart and analyse the faults distributions.


Automatic data storage
Exporting data for further analysis
Bottleneck analysis
Raw data by shift and work order
OEE performance

Panel PC Client beside the machine

  • Interaction between operators and the system.
  • Get production plan and work order information
  • BOM and raw material use declaration
  • Manual quality measurement declaration
  • Notification about process deviation directly in the Shop Floor


Available over your network devices with zero configuration.


Progressive assets connection.


Band savings

Less data usage with Google SPA technology and push message client / server.

Spreadable content

Connect your plants together in a single system.

Our connected services

Automation interconnection

Any machine can be connected, also an old one. We offer to our customers the integration solutions to existing machines and we support them talking with the OEM suppliers during the acquisition of new assets. SMART MES 4.0 provides the mainly used communication standard for industrial automation, in addition to OPC UA. We can take care about machines interconnection at 360° also thanks to our experience as industrial automation integrator.

ERP interconnection

Normally, the ERP software creates the work orders plan. SMART MES 4.0 closes the loop between plan and execution, talking with the ERP software and providing all the information that otherwise should be manually provided from the Shop Floor by paper.

On-premise installation

You can choose if host SMART MES 4.0 on your existing IT infrastructure or we can provide a dedicated server with the common fault tolerance features.


We know that manufacturing processes can share many common features but each one needs a subset of specific functions to be suitable with the process. For this reason, we can deal with customer’s specific requests that can be integrated in SMART MES 4.0.

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